With our references we are proud to demonstrate our successful and serious business relationships.

TBB power, Xiamen China (www.tbbpower.com)

TBB is a manufacturer and designer of sophisticated and environmentally rugged power solutions for various industrial and automotive applications. Based and founded in Xiamen, China they started their international approach to Germany.

For TBB power we carried out a market investigation for Germany and have prepared a sales and business strategy for their German markets, incl. visits of German customers. Bases on this investigations and with our support TBB decided to establish a German company (GmbH) and started the business in Germany.

For more information please contact
Mr. James Qian, MD: james@tbbpower.com

Tech Mahindra Ltd., Pune India (www.techmahindra.com)

Tech Mahindra is an international IT service provider with world-wide network.

For Tech Mahindra’s German entity we carried out a variety of outsourcing services like full payroll handling, tax and legal advice, employee transfer to Germany incl. visa and work permits. Using our services Tech Mahindra receives both significant cost savings and high quality of the outsourced tasks in Germany.

…and many more companies please ask for further details.